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We are the only UK site dedicated to Peak District hotels , this means we can offer you the biggest range of hotels in the Peak District than anyone else. We have hotels to suit all needs, preferences and budgets. From luxury hotels to budget hotels, from small boutique hotels to larger hotels, our range means you can find the ideal Peak District hotel for your stay. You’ll also find guides on walks, attractions, places to eat, natural beauty spots and loads more on our website.

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Peak District Hotels

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Below you will find two maps of the Peak District.
One is a basic map showing you where certain places are, the other a google map which has more detail and allows you to zoom in. You can also see the location of hotels featured on our website so you can see exactly where the hotels that you can book are.

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If your after a Peak District Hotel then we aim to be your number one choice by offering you a large range of hotels and at a price that is the best possible to make sure the hotel and the price reflect what you are happy with. We constantly review hotels and if we get poor reviews about hotels we don’t hesitate to remove them from our website, those hotels that get good reviews and recommendations we will often promote more so that others can enjoy what others before have. was set up as our founders found it hard to find a website that provided them with enough information and variety of hotels to suit their needs, this is when the idea for this website was born.

Peak District Holidays

The Peak District is one of the most visited places in England due to it’s natural beauty, tranquil walks, quaint villages and untouched countryside. It’s a mixture of moorland and villages where the majority of the Peak District population reside. It’s location mainly falls into the north Derbyshire area but is large enough to be in areas of Yorkshire, Manchester and Cheshire. It’s location, beauty and it’s reputation all over the world means it’s an ideal location for a holiday.
The Peak District National Park borders and area was formed in 1951 and at this time it took the title of England’s first national park. The Peak District is situated close to Manchester and Sheffield which means it gets a lot of international as well as English tourist (Over 10 million visitors annually). The place to go and see some of the most amazing views and countryside is the Peak District, it has distinct qualities that no other place in England can take advantage of. Located in the North of England, in the centre of Derbyshire and alongside Greater Manchester, Yorkshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire there is plenty for you to see and do. A particular attribute that the Peak District holds is the National Park, as this is protected the views will always be available to you whenever you choose to visit. The national park is made up of 555 miles of land and separated by different rocks called White Peak and Dark Peak. The White Rock lies on top of Limestone and has beautiful wild flowers in the steep sides of the peak. The dark peak is made up of gritstone and moorland, with this they have a better climate and therefore farmers and crops grow better in this area.

Peak District Cottages

We also have teamed up with our sister site to offer you a large range of Peak District cottages as an alternative to staying in a hotel. These are great for longer stays and are ideal with families as it allows you the enjoy the great outdoors and have great evenings in together cooking as one. We have these cottages featured in our cottages section of the site available via the menu bar at the top of the page. Although this site is dedicated to hotels we are always happy to advise you on alternative accommodation in the Peak District, including camping, youth hostel’s and bed and breakfast. Accommodation is so easy to find what suits you best – a private lodge, a cosy B&B or hotel, or even a campsite to get to see the real side of nature. If you are also looking to compare hotel prices then we can offer this too. There are cottages available for rent right in the centre of the villages for around £350 a week. In a standard B&B you are looking £30 – £70 per person per night per room. If a hotel is more of your scene then you can look at prices of £35-£100 per night.