Peak District Guide

Now there are many things to do in the Peak District but to make it easier for you we have put together various pages on this website so you can find out more about the Peak District and what you can do, see, experience and enjoy there. Simply click the links below to get to the pages and view more information. Below the links are also some facts and figures about the Peak District that you may or may not know but that we feel are quite interesting to know.


Maps – Various maps of the Peak District and surrounding area

Activities – Information on attractions and activities in the Peak District

Walks – Guides and websites that will help you find the most beautiful walks in the Peak District

Places to eat – Guide to restaurants, cafe’s and hotels from where you can eat

Peak District Facts and Figures

Below are some interesting facts about the Peak District that you may or may not know.

  • There are more than 55 miles of cycle pathways and over 1500 miles of public right of ways
  • 22 Million visitors to the area in 2006
  • Covering over 1400 square kilometers
  • Over 40% of the land in the Peak District is farmed with over 1300 farms
  • The reservoir and water held in the Peak District supplies thousands of homes and supply over 400 million liters of water to homes and businesses every single day.
  • Over 45 million people live under 5 hours away from the Peak District
  • The highest point in the Peak District is at the top of Kinder Scout which stands at 2,087 ft (around 635 metres)
  • One of the most popular activities in the area is Climbing with world class climbers training there through out the year
  • Over 70 mining/quarries including active and inactive ones
  • Over 100 Conservation areas in the Peak District
  • Over 2500 listed buildings including homes, churches and buildings
  • Designated a national park in 1951
  • Over 38,000 people living in the Peak District
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