Peak District Walks

When it comes to walking in the Peak District then the walks below are some of the best known and most famous as well as those that offer you tranquility away from others. We bring together walking guides from all over the internet and books to help you find some routes that suit you. From long walks that take all day to short walks, those that are suited to small children or those that need gentle terrain to those that are suited to serious walkers. Peak District walks are the best way to experience the beauty that the Peaks have to offer, this area is one of the best walking areas in the whole of the United Kingdom.

If you have seen or done a walk that isn’t featured on our website or others we link to and feel it would be ideal on here then feel free to email us details. The more details the better, if the walk is a good one we will feature it on our website and give you credit for it. If you have any photos that you take on yours walks or of the Peak District in general then please feel free to email us them as we can feature them on our gallery and we will as usual fully credit you, you can also put a brief description along with it.

We recommend for detailed instructions to visit which is a site by Andrew Nimmo which details some brilliant walks, we recommend you visiting his website and printing off the instructions for some of the walks. We also recommending purchasing a book in order to have the maps at hand when your out. Below are 4 of the best books available for walks in the peak district from Amazon.

Peak District Walk Maps

The maps below will help you to find the area that a walk is in or find an area that you may want to find a Peak District walk in. We hope these are of help but do remember to contact us with tips, advice and photos of walks from all over these areas. We love hearing on which walks were fun, beautiful and worth doing and which you may not have enjoyed or may not recommend for whatever reason.

Walks in the Peak District

As with most things the internet is a wonderful thing, however it does have it’s limits, now you may find some brilliant walks on our website or other websites that you can print off, however just remember that you will be carrying these pieces of paper around with you and they can tear or get wet easily. We always advise that you purchase a book designed specifically for walks in the Peak District, this not only gives you a wide choice in case you change your mind but also is better protected and will last longer, it’s also something you can pass on to friends and family and use on countless occasions.

We have searched the net and read many a walking guide and have found our four favorite books all available through Amazon, they can be found in the box below, they are a mix of guides from different publishers to give you a choice but all have had good ratings from customers and walkers. It’s always helpful to have an OS map as well so we have put one of those in the box as well which details walks.

Another great website to visit for information on Peak District walks is the official Peak District website who will offer you free walks and advice, they are very helpful so if there’s a walk you would like to do but are unsure if it’s suitable for you or someone accompanying you then drop them an email and they will help, they can also offer you advice on walks in particular areas.

The land in the National park is nearly all privately owned and maintained by the owners. In terms of farming there is around 1800 farms consisting of about 40 acres. In the higher part of the park there are sheep and beef and in the lower valleys there are cattle. As well as stunning scenery and the perfect break away the Peak District National Park is also very economical, the water that runs down the valleys are damned and kept to create reservoirs so that the surrounding areas have a sufficient water supply.  In one day the reservoirs produce 45 million litres of water a day.

The reputation of this place is so high that it satisfies nearly 20 million visitors each year, every year. The main attraction which the tourists get involved in is the outdoor activities available to them, also once people have visited once they tend to go back.

The population in the Peak District is around 38,000, over 10% live in Bakewell which is predominantly the biggest village out of the area. The main occupation of the residents is farming and agricultural work, another big opportunity for employment is the tourism shops and places.

Walking is the most common sport which is recommended to anyone going to visit the Peak District, the best way to find everything out about a place is to walk and see it for yourself. You can take part in organised walks in all different locations of the peak, cycling, and intense walking or just wander on your own accord.

If you love the Peak District that much that you want to buy a property then you can get a good quality terraced house for around £100,000. This will offer 2 bedrooms, bathroom, and garden and round the corner from a great and remarkable landmark. If you have a lot higher budget then you could have your own land and get a river side property for £1,750,000 which has 5 bedrooms, 2 acres of land, pool, and gym and completely renovated.

An activity which you should get involved in is Rock Climbing, one place that provides an excellent service is Blue Mountain activities. You can climb for a day or half a day but also you can complete a course in climbing. With the experience of Steve Roberts who runs Blue Mountain has 20 years experience in outdoor education. You will be taught all the fundamental procedures with health and safety. Indoor and outdoor walls are available depending what you feel more confident with. Not only will you learn how to climb yourself but you will get taught how to lead a pitch on a climb. In any case of emergency you will learn what to do in a rescue situation.

An very original event which can take place in the Peak District is a Hen or Stag weekend, this is because it can bring the entire group together and can be heaps of fun. A weekend in the peak would be a brilliant way to celebrate. A few things you could do would be abseiling, canoeing, rock climbing, cycling and many more.  A weekend at a B&B, activity weekend and then a nice meal or drinks in the evenings is a top way to celebrate the pre-wedding night.

You can drive to the Peak District or you can get the coach, the place itself has all sorts of public transport and ways of getting to the best attractions available.

Visit the Peak District not just for the views but for the experience it is unforgettable and that is definitely worth doing.